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    When designing a sports muffler for the Royal Enfield SCRAM we focused on reducing weight and increasing power. As a result, this Staintune system provides a noticeable improvement in mid-throttle roll on.

    The muffler improves exhaust gas flow by incorporating a larger spout, while the stainless body core and packing provides a deeper exhaust note.

    The muffler can be installed in two minutes, using a simple one-clamp, one-bolt design. 

    Noise Emissions:

    • Restrictors In: 83 dba
    • Restrictors Out: 86 dba (max 94 dpa) @3200rpm
    • Standard SCRAM: 86 dba

    Note this system meets ADR requirements for noise emissions.


    • 304 grade stainless steel
    • Polished stainless finish
    • Stainless steel straight core
    • Noticeable improvement in mid-range torque
    • Stationary noise test label provided
    • Slip joint to the OEM Header with a OEM graphite gasket
    • Australian made


    • The standard exhaust on a SCRAM weighs 4.86kg
    • A Staintune muffler weighs 2.4kg, providing a 2.4kg weight saving


    • Polished stainless steel, often referred to as bright matt



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