About Us


Hand Crafted Quality


For over 30 years Staintune Australia has carved a solid reputation for offering products with a consistent high quality of design, performance and sound, both in Australia and over seas. We have products covering a wide range of motorcycles with new products being developed and tested constantly.

Each new product enters an extensive research and development program including dynamometer testing, road research and also noise emission testing. Staintune product is built with real world results in mind, we don’t just look at peek HP,  ride-ability and the all important enjoyment factor is a high priority!

Staintune evolved from two passions, motorcycling and quality hand made parts. The craftsmanship is obvious as soon as you lay eyes on a new Staintune pipe. Sleek lines, beautiful welds and a finish second to none. You can really appreciated the time and effort that goes into making a Staintune product.

They really are a work of art and take you back to a time when the man that makes the product sells the product. This is still the case with the original founder of the company Sandy Campbell still getting his hands dirty on a daily basis to make sure you the customer gets the same quality that Staintune has become renowned and envied for. 

Staintune Products are 100% Australian made and owned, keeping Australian dollars in Australia! Staintune supports local motorcycle dealers, industry events and charities.  

We pride ourselves on customer service, we are in the unique situation were we can respond to the customer needs and issues quickly and effectively due to the fact we manufacture what we sell and we stand behind what we make. From tech question to fitment advice and more we will do everything in our power to make your experience with Staintune product a great one. 

All Staintune products are made from 304 grade stainless steel one of the most durable material to use when it comes to quality exhaust systems. Because of the nature of 304 stainless steel at any stage of the products life it can be buffed back to a deep, as new glow. Staintune products are made to out last the competition.


 Make local, Buy local, Sell local, think Global and protect the Australian Motorcycle industry!