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Can I fit the muffler myself? 

Absolutely! Staintune mufflers are usually a one bolt, one clamp fitment. Refer to your fitting instructions, or give us a call if you get stuck.

Does a Staintune give my bike more power?

Results vary between bikes, however, as a rule, you can expect a power increase from your Staintune muffler. Results for each bike are listed on their product page, and independently verified on a Dynojet dyno.

Does a Staintune muffler void my motorcycle warranty?

No, Staintune is an OEM supplier so we endeavor to produce products that are warranty safe.

Will a Staintune muffler damage my bike? 

No, if you leave the baffle installed, EFI motorcycles will self-adjust to the parameters of our muffler. Contact us if you have any concerns.

Is jetting required? 

If you leave the baffle in, there is no jetting required. If you modify the airbox, are competing or operating at high altitudes, contact us for jetting requirements.

Do I need to repack my Staintune muffler?

Never, a Staintune muffler is completely sealed and cannot be opened. Thanks to its stainless-steel packing, there is no need to repack the muffler.

I have aftermarket accessories, will a Staintune still fit?

Generally, if your aftermarket accessories fit with the stock muffler, a Staintune will fit too. Contact us if you have specific modifications in mind.

When will you have a muffler for my model bike?

We’re constantly releasing new mufflers, keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates. If you’d like to suggest a model, let us know here.

Shipping & Warranty

Do you ship internationally

Yes, we can ship anywhere in the world to give your motorcycle the Staintune treatment.

What warranty does Staintune offer? 

Staintune offers a 10-year part and finish warranty. To make a claim, fill out the form on our warranty page or contact us.


Our Staintune exhausts are designed to provide you with years of enjoyment. Each Staintune Exhaust is covered by a 10-year fitment & finish warranty. Staintune exhausts are warranted against defects in material or workmanship. This warranty shall be limited to the repair or replacement of the system, which may be proven defective under normal fitment or use.

All warranty claims require proof of purchase. All returns or claims must be accompanied by a completed Staintune Warranty Claim Form and a copy of the purchase invoice. Parts returned without appropriate and complete paperwork may be refused at our receiving docks.

Staintune Australia dealers, motorcycle shops or distributors are not authorised to make a warranty decision binding upon Staintune. Staintune will not be responsible for any labour charges incurred in removing or replacing any system or product under warranty unless it has been evaluated and authorised in writing by Staintune Australia.

Stainless will turn an attractive gold under high operating temperatures. This however will not affect the life or performance of the product and can be polished back at any time in the products life.

All Staintune warranty claims will be processed on arrival. All warranty products must be available for inspection prior to any Staintune fulfilment of warranty obligations.


  • Any system or product that has been abused, neglected, improperly installed and/or modified.
  • Accidents and/or collision are not covered under warranty.
  • Your warranty is voided if the Staintune product is opened or modified by a third-party.



Staintune checks all products before they are dispatched for faults or damage. In the event that a fault or damage is overlooked, Staintune will exchange or refund your purchase (excluding shipping costs).

Please contact Staintune within 7 days of purchase should your items be damaged or faulty. We do not give refunds or exchange items if you simply change your mind.

If an item should arrive damaged, or not at all, please contact us.