• Staintune DRZ400 E&S Model Sports Muffler Only

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    SUZUKI DRZ400 E&S Model

    This is for Sports Muffler Only

    Staintune Australia has been manufacturing Sports Mufflers for the Suzuki DRZ400 since the model was first released. Since then the Staintune system has become “Cult” status with DRZ riders, as it is the best example of “what’s simple works best”.

    The system can also be purchased as a full system consisting of a “Big Bore” header and “Hi Flow” muffler.

    Performance: The Sports Muffler design allows for a significant power gain when combined with a recommended jetting and Header change for peak performance. There is a 4hp gain “static” on the dyno test over the standard system, however on road test is where real ride ability gains are determined and the DRZ becomes a very interesting beast. Gains from stop / bottom rpm range through mid range are major, throttle response is snappy, direct and engine uplift is smooth. From mid range through to maximum rpm the engine changes from the standard old plodder to hang on and feel that torque wrap on with the turn of a wrist.

    Weight Savings: There is an overall 2.5Kg weight saving to be gained by fitting the full system.

    Finish: The system is finished in a “bright matt” and really looks good mounted to the bike.

    Noise Emissions:

    Restrictors In: 94dba @ 3200rpm
    Restrictors Out: 99dba @ 3200rpm

    The system meets ADR requirements for noise emissions and is legal on the streets, the note is smooth and deep and not irritable and provides a degree of safety while riding on the road.

    Part Number: SU MS DRZ 40 Muffler unit

  • Staintune DRZ400 E&S Model Sports Muffler Only
  • Staintune DRZ400 E&S Model Sports Muffler Only
  • Staintune DRZ400 E&S Model Sports Muffler Only
  • Staintune DRZ400 E&S Model Sports Muffler Only

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