• Triumph Thruxton 900

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    Testing the new Triumph Thruxton on the Staintune in-house Dyno, we managed a gain of 6 Horsepower gain over the standard exhaust system.  That is just with the pipes and no engine modifications.  Customer feedback also reports a huge gain in throttle response and of course mid range torque.  There is also a weight saving of 2 kg.


    The Reverse Cone Mufflers sound fabulous on the Thruxton model. They have been described as a note to dance to.  They also bring out that distinctive Triumph note and they really turn heads.  The Staintune Reverse Cones are ADR compliant however they don’t have the Staintune removable restrictor system.

     No Restrictors:          92 dba  @  3600 rpm

     The Reverse Cones get up to around 98 dba under flight.

     Have a look for yourself, they look magnificent on this retro style bikes.  The Reverse Cone style really suits the Thruxton and will last for the life of the bike.  They come in a mirror finish that you can see yourself in and with a little Staintune Liquid Mirror Polish they will stay that way.

    Part Number: TR MS THR 90

  • Triumph Thruxton 900
  • Triumph Thruxton 900
  • Triumph Thruxton 900
  • Triumph Thruxton 900

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