• TEST Kawasaki KLR650 MUFFLER - 2022 Onward

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    The Kawasaki KLR650 has a renowned reputation as a rock solid dual sports bike. Since being introduced in 1987, it has only undergone two major updates, the new model KLR650 encapsulates an intuitive and well thought out improvement by Kawasaki. The KLR reminds us that an open road and an open throttle is not only a simple pleasure but the best way to travel.

    With the new updates to the KLR650, it has come packaged with a weight increase. When designing the Sports Muffler for the KLR we focused on reducing weight and increasing power. The standard muffler on the KLR has a very small spout, so to allow exhaust gasses to flow better we designed a larger spout that is approximately 4 times larger than standard. The Staintune system also removes the catalytic convert giving the KLR a deep exhaust note and an increase in power output. To maximise the torque of the Kawasaki KLR we used a 44mm core, the smaller diameter assists in creating better bottom-end torque. The standard system tested 88dba, whereas the Staintune system tests at 94dba. Listen to a comparison between the standard KLR650 note and Staintune's sports muffler here

    Our design resulted in a 3 horsepower gain over standard with a more responsive throttle. The on road test of the KLR650 fit with a Staintune Round Sports Race Muffler opened up considerably through the bottom end. 

    Overall, as a rider, you will experience much nicer rideability with a deep exhaust note. Truly turning your quiet and reliable bike into something you want to show off to your mates. To watch a review on Staintune's KLR650 system, click here.

    Noise Emissions:                                                                             

    • Standard: 83 dba @ 3375rpm
    • Restrictors In: 94 dba @ 3375rpm

    The system meets ADR requirements for noise emissions. The exhaust note is smooth and deep. Your Staintune muffler will provide a degree of safety while riding on the road without being irritable.


    • 304 Grade Stainless Steel
    • Polished Stainless Finish
    • 44mm Stainless steel straight core
    • 3 Horsepower Increase
    • Stationary noise test label provided
    • Slip joint to the OEM Header or the Staintune big bore header
    • Australian Made

    Weight Savings:

     The Staintune Round Sports Muffler wights 2.85kg, this is 4kg lighter than the standard system.

    Watch how simple it is to fit Staintune's KLR650 muffler here.


    • Consists of a slip joint to the OEM header or the Staintune big bore header
    • Polished stainless steel, often referred to as bright matt
    Due to the nature of the KLR650 and its wide and varied uses, customers may need to upgrade suspension settings prior to use to avoid costly damage to your new Staintune Muffler.
  • TEST Kawasaki KLR650 MUFFLER - 2022 Onward
  • TEST Kawasaki KLR650 MUFFLER - 2022 Onward
  • TEST Kawasaki KLR650 MUFFLER - 2022 Onward
  • TEST Kawasaki KLR650 MUFFLER - 2022 Onward

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