• TEST Honda XR650L Muffler

  • $800.00

  • Description

    The XR650L is a factory, street legal, electric start version of the XR600R. The electric start system and street legal kit make it a heavy model of bike but none the less is still a very reliable dual sport workhorse. When designing the sports race muffler for this bike, we had two things in mind; weight reduction and improved performance.

    The Staintune Round Sports Race Muffler for the XR650L reduces the weight of the bike, with this weight saving and our performance-optimized design, there is a noticeable increase in horsepower. The design of the sports muffler uses a 50mm stainless steel straight core to improve bottom torque and make the bike less restrictive.

    As the standard XR650L runs rich, many riders find it to be doughy. After fitting a custom fit Staintune Sports Race Muffler, you’ll notice a big improvement in the bottom end and mid-range. There are big improvements on throttle response giving you a smooth and crisp riding sensation.

    Noise Emissions:                                                                             

    • Restrictors In: 92db

    The system meets ADR requirements for noise emissions. The exhaust note is smooth and deep. Your Staintune muffler will provide a degree of safety while riding on the road without being irritable.


    • 304 Grade Stainless Steel
    • Polished Stainless Finish
    • 50mm Stainless steel straight core
    • Stationary noise test label provided
    • Slip joint to the OEM Header
    • Australian Made


    • Staintune Sports Race Muffler weight is 2.8kg


    • Consists of a slip joint to the OEM header or the Staintune big bore header
    • Polished stainless steel, often referred to as bright matt

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