• Himalayan 411

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    When designing a sports muffler for the Himalayan 411 we focused on reducing weight and increasing power. As a result, this Staintune system provides a noticeable improvement in mid-throttle roll on.

    The muffler improves exhaust gas flow by incorporating a larger spout, while the stainless body core and packing provides a deeper exhaust note.

    The muffler can be installed in two minutes, using a simple one-clamp, one-bolt design. Please note this system is for the fuel injected Royal Enfield Himalayan. Although it will not bolt straight on, this muffler can also be adapted to suit the earlier carbureted Himalayan models.

    Noise Emissions:

    • Restrictors In: 83 dba
    • Restrictors Out: 86 dba (max 94 dpa) @3200rpm
    • Standard Himalayan 411: 86 dba

    Note this system meets ADR requirements for noise emissions.


    • 304 grade stainless steel
    • Polished stainless finish
    • Stainless steel straight core
    • Noticeable improvement in mid-range torque
    • Stationary noise test label provided
    • Slip joint to the OEM Header with a OEM graphite gasket
    • Australian made


    • The standard exhaust on a Himalayan 411 weighs 4.86kg
    • A Staintune muffler weighs 2.4kg, providing a 2.4kg weight saving


    • Polished stainless steel, often referred to as bright matt
  • Himalayan 411
  • Himalayan 411
  • Himalayan 411
  • Himalayan 411

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