• BMW R1200ST Sports Muffler

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    BMW R1200ST Sports Muffler Only


    The new 1200 version of the BMW ST is just begging for a system, the standard system being cumbersome, heavy and quiet, not to mention very unattractive. Staintune has developed a full system for the ST model with a choice of slip-on replacement muffler interchangeable with the standard header collector set with the use of a supplied adaptor or the recommended full system as shown above.

    Performance: The full system design has provided a 5Hp gain while static on the dyno. In standard trim there is a number of hole’s within the torque curve which the Staintune system has eliminated increasing torque at the points it’s required. During road testing significant improvement to the throttle response was noted making the bike much more responsive right from the bottom and through mid-range with throttle roll on a dream ~ no hesitation anymore.

    Weight Savings: There is an overall 3Kg weight saving to be gained by fitting the full system.

    Finish: The Full System for the R1200 ST model consists of the Header pipes, Collector junction and Oval designed muffler with the Staintune designed removable restrictor. The system is delivered in Staintune's famous mirror finish, it looks as good as it performs and sounds.

    Should you wish to only purchase the muffler, it comes with an adaptor sleeve to connect to the standard header collector system.

    Noise Emissions:

    Standard: 88dba @ 3750rpm
    Restrictors In: 86dba @ 3750rpm
    Restrictors Out: 90dba @ 3750rpm


  • BMW R1200ST Sports Muffler
  • BMW R1200ST Sports Muffler
  • BMW R1200ST Sports Muffler

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