• Copy of Yamaha R1 2002 - 2003 Round Sports Muffler

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      The Yamaha R1 on the Staintune in-house Dyno managed to achieve a Horsepower gain of 4 Hp over the standard exhaust system.  That was measured just with the pipe and no engine modifications.  On the road test there was a real torque gain especially in the bikes throttle response, once the throttle was twisted it answered which was most apparent through the mid range.

     Weight savings:

     There is a 3Kg weight saving between standard and the Staintune.

     I want to know about the sound:

     The Sound is a much throatier note, it’s much louder but still legal and its deeper, all round its sounds sweet.

     With restrictor            :           93 dba  @  5250 rpm          

    Without restrictors:    :           97 dba  @  5250 rpm


     The Yamaha R1 2002 -2003  is a round can it sounds great and looks great.

     It comes in Staintune's world famous polished Stainless mirror finish and you can keep it that way with a bottle of Staintune liquid mirror.


    Part No:        YA MS R1 99

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