• Triumph Thunderbird 1600 & Storm 1700

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    Triumph Thunderbird 1600

    Thunderbird receives New Mega Slash Mufflers. The system comes with a collector eliminator and produce substantial performance gains. With a considerable increase to the already strong mid range the Thunderbird pulls hard, without the slightest of hesitation. Exhaust note is distinct, what you would expect from a 1600cc twin without being excessively loud. A real riding experience, check out the Staintune youtube video and sound files at www.staintune.com.au

    Weight Savings:
    The standard mufflers and collector came in at a whopping 14.5KG
    The Staintune mufflers and collector weighed 7KG

    The Staintune mufflers and collector are polished to Staintune’s mirror finish.

    Noise Emissions:
    Standard: 92dba @ 3638rpm
    Staintune Mufflers: 96dba @ 3638rpm

    This system requires original Triumph gaskets (part number T2208419) to fit
    onto the standard headers.

    Part Number TR MC TB 16 S (NEW MEGA SLASH)

  • Triumph Thunderbird 1600 & Storm 1700
  • Triumph Thunderbird 1600 & Storm 1700
  • Triumph Thunderbird 1600 & Storm 1700

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