• Suzuki GSF 1250 2007 Sports Muffler

  • $800.00

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    Performance: Staintune’s Oval Sports Muffler lets the motor spin freely and the throttle response is crisp and controllable. Overall hp gain was in the 5hp range but on the open road it will feel more like 10hp due to the ability to pull from lower in the rev range and the speed in which it is able to move through all the way to red line.


    What about the noise: The Staintune Sports Muffler brings back that wonderful Suzuki big bore growl with out being offensive and yes it is with in the legal range.


     No restrictors fitted: 90 dba   @   3750 rpm


     Weight savings: The Staintune Muffler provides a weight saving of almost

    3 Kg over the long cumbersome standard Muffler.


    Finish: The Staintune Oval Sports Muffler is finished is Staintune’s legendary High Mirror Polish.


    Part Number:         SU MS GSF 12 07


    Retail Price:           $ 800.00 AUD

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