• Suzuki DR650 - 1996 Onward

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    The DR650 has been classed as one of the best adventure bikes on the market. It is the perfect bike for the ride who wants to put the ‘adventure’ in adventure riding but also needs reliability. There is a good reason that Suzuki haven’t had to make any major changes to this model for 3 decades and the fact that it still continues to be the bike of choice right around the globe. While a solid workhorse, we thought we could make a few adjustments to this bike to improve its power and performance.

    When designing the Sports Muffler for the Suzuki DR650 we focused on reducing weight and increasing power. Our design resulted in a 4 horsepower gain over standard with a more responsive throttle. The on road test of the DR650 fit with a Staintune Round Sports Race Muffler opened up, making it an interesting beast. We felt considerable gains from stop to bottom and through the mid range. The throttle response on the DR650 is crisp and snappy and direct engine uplift is smooth,

    The design of the sports muffler uses a 50mm stainless steel straight core to improve bottom torque and make the bike less restrictive. Overall, as a rider you will experience much nicer rideability with a deep exhaust note. Truly turning your quiet and reliable bike into something you want to show off.

    *Please note the muffler is not compatible with OEM headers, and the header is not compatible with OEM Mufflers.

    Noise Emissions:                                                                             

    • Restrictors In: 94dba  @  3200rpm
    • Restrictors Out: 99dba  @  3200rpm

    The system meets ADR requirements for noise emissions. The exhaust note is smooth and deep. Your Staintune muffler will provide a degree of safety while riding on the road without being irritable.


    • 304 Grade Stainless Steel
    • Polished Stainless Finish
    • 50mm Stainless steel straight core
    • 4 Horsepower Increase
    • Stationary noise test label provided
    • Slip joint to the OEM Header or the Staintune big bore header
    • Australian Made


    The standard exhaust on a DR650 weighs 6.5kg. The Staintune system weighs;

    • Muffler: 3.15kg
    • Header: 1.6kg


    • Consists of a slip joint to the OEM header or the Staintune big bore header
    • Polished stainless steel, often referred to as bright matt

    Jetting Recommendations:

    • Main Jet: #145
    • Pilot Jet: STD
    • Needle: 3rd Clip
    • Air Screw: 2 Turns Out
    • Air Box/Intake: Leave Air box Standard
  • Suzuki DR650 - 1996 Onward
  • Suzuki DR650 - 1996 Onward
  • Suzuki DR650 - 1996 Onward

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