• Aprilia Pegaso

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    The Aprilia Pegaso is a very versatile adventure tourer; the Staintune system really brings out the torque and power of this engine.

    There is a dyno gain of 4 Hp which flows right through the rev range while sitting static on the in-house dyno. On the road test is where the changes are most noticeable with throttle response sharp and even the feel of the bike is one of a totally new feeling, the beast comes alive. All of this improvement with no need for re-mapping or tuning, bolt on beast.

    Noise / Note:
    The twin round system with removable restrictors brings out a much nicer note than standard, which while is a little louder then the standard system is not going to scare all the animals in the bush, it will just lets the car jockeys know your around.

    Restrictors In: 93 dba @ 3125 rpm
    Restrictors Out: 96 dba @ 3125 rpm

    Weight Savings:

    The weight saving of the Staintune over the standard system 4 Kg’s which is quite significant when you’re packing up for a long ride.

    Part Number: AP MS PEGA

  • Aprilia Pegaso
  • Aprilia Pegaso
  • Aprilia Pegaso
  • Aprilia Pegaso

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