• Staintune Lives On!

    Staintune Lives On!

     With a beaming smile and a full heart I am so happy to announce:

    At the final hour (literally) Staintune has been able to secure a sale deal.

    This will assure the name and more importantly the product, quality and customer support lives on!

     The Australian based company Torqit of Beresfield NSW, saw the opportunity

    for Staintune to be able to be incorporated into their production and business plan. The deal was done!

     Torqit specialize in the innovation, development, manufacture and sale of high quality 304 stainless steel performance 4WD exhaust systems. They also develop and sell throttle control systems and plug in ECU programming tools to get the very best out of your 4WD.

     I have no doubt in my mind that the team at Torqit have the ability, passion and energy to take the Staintune brand far into the future, bringing in a new era of the iconic STAINTUNE ethos and quality of product!

    More details of time lines and product availability will follow,  we will try to minimize the down time during the exchange as a new facility is set up and put into operation, STAINTUNED for more information.


    Kindest of regards

    Adam & Sandy

    Staintune Aust Pty Ltd

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