• Now Available Triumph Tiger 800

    Staintune has produced a muffler that not only looks the part but more importantly sounds and performs as well. The extra performance is noticeable right across the rev range. You will find your self more in tune with the Tiger as the riding experience has additional feed back from the superb 800 triple and Staintune muffler combination.

    What about the noise:

    The exhaust note is a typical mix of growl and scream you get from the 800 triple, a true pleasure rolling through the twenties. Tiger comes alive and is ready for the adventure experience it was made for.

     Restrictor In            92 dba @ 4650 rpm

    Restrictor Out         96 dba @ 4650 rpm

     Weight savings:

    There is weight saving of 2.0Kg between the OEM and the new Staintune.


    The Single Adventure Sports muffler is finished with Staintunes world famous mirror finish polished Stainless Steel.


    Part Number:   TR MS TIG 80                        Rec  Retail  $700 AUD        
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