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High performance, perfectly fitting exhaust systems - with jaw-dropping quality, sleek lines and a note you could dance to.
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Staintune Australia

Since 1980 Staintune Australia has carved a solid reputation for offering products with a consistently high quality of design, performance and sound both in Australia and overseas.

Our highly skilled team at Staintune produce hand crafted performance exhaust systems covering most popular makes of motorcycles, with new products being developed and tested constantly.

Each new product enters an extensive research and development program including dyno testing, road/race research and noise emission testing. Many of the performance and competition exhausts are tested by professional pro class riders in harsh race conditions.

Customer feedback has always been an important part of the Staintune development of new products and in turn we produce a performance product that really meets the demands of our customers.

All Staintune products and hardware are made from 304 grade stainless steel which is one of the most durable materials to use and is impervious to all kinds of corrosion. 304 grade stainless steel can be polished to a mirror-like finish. Because of the nature of 304 stainless steel, at any stage of the product's life it can be buffed back to a deep as-new glow. Staintune motorcycle exhausts are made to outlast the competition.

When you purchase a Staintune product you have a high-performance, perfectly fitting exhaust system with jaw dropping quality, sleek lines and a note you could dance to.

And you will have it for life.



Honda VFR800i

High Pipes

For over three decades Staintune has built a reputation as a manufacturer of beautifully crafted stainless motorcycle exhausts.

Staintune exhausts are engineered and tested to improve the overall efficiency, appearance and sound of your motorcycle. Our goal is to produce a product is for real world street riders looking to utilize the highest quality system available.

Kawasaki GTR1400

Oval Muffler

The Kawasaki GTR1400 is an enormously stylish motorcycle and the oval Staintune complements it well. The throttle response and roll-on become sharp and acute.

The Single Oval Sports Muffler develops a deep subtle tone typical of the Staintune product. If you've had a Staintune system before, you'll be equally delighted with this one.

Triumph Scrambler

Teardrop Mufflers

The distinctive Triumph Scrambler fitted with Staintune slip-on mufflers is good for an extra 6 Horsepower without any other modifications.

The gain in performance is accompanied by improved throttle response which is especially noticeable in mid-range. The Staintune mufflers also bring out that distinctive Triumph note.

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